Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Student Council Voting

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Friday, April 27, 2012

23 DAYS!

23 days...23 days...23 days...23 days.  That's how many more days I'm stuck in this mad house until I am free for the summer.  It cannot come soon enough.  With the weather being nice and lots of things to do and get done, these children have been a bit out of control...okay, a lot out of control.  There has got to be something to keep me sane for another month.  

Dear Summer, 
Please come soon.
Love, A teacher who's lost her patience

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Joys of Being a Teacher

The librarian had the students write thank you letters to all the faculty members in our school (custodians, secretaries, aides, teachers, etc.) I received one from almost all my students and here are some of my most favorite quotes (direct quotes with spelling and punctuation):

"Thank you so much for being so patcient with me in math I have always hated math & I was never good at it and all thanks to you I still am not getting very good scores but I am understanding it perfect and I'm starting to like it alot and I'm looking forward to it every day."

"Your style rocks this world."

"Thanks for helping me with my strugels."

"Thank you for spending long nights correcting our tests and homework."

(referring to what he tells his brother about me) "She is well dressed. She is fun to have with us. I wish she was my sister."

"This is like the first year I've really liked math."

"You make me laugh"

"You make stuff fun and easy."

"You've already inspired me to like math. Because last year I hated math. But you make math and other subjects fun!"

"I think your nice and you care for thoughs around you and you do whats best for every one."

"You have inspierd me someday I'll be a sixth grade teacher because of you. You make it look so easy."

"Thank you for making this year so fun and exciting and easy to under stand unlike my handwrighting right now."

"Thank you for read us good books you inspired me to read a lot more so thank you very much. You are very very smart."

"You are the best teacher ever and that makes a huge difference to make me be more nice."

"You make things organized and fun."

"I love you like a child loves spongebob."

This last one is the whole note...It was so sweet it made me cry and I just have to share the whole thing:

"Dear Miss Weathers,

I think you are the most beautiful gril. I love your smile and laugh and the only bad thing about the weekend is I won't see you for 2 days and 2 days is long for me!!! You are the best teacher in the school I was hoping that I would get you for 6th grade. Well you are the best teacher ever and I love you so much.

Love, _________ (your favorite students)"

This is what teaching is all about. Some days I wonder if I am really making a big enough difference in their lives. But when I get notes like these I know that I am doing something right. My kids are so great and they bring me so much happiness. I love what I do!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So there is a big hype about this "Pinterest" thing. My friend signed up for it a few weeks back and I was glancing at it with her. From those few minutes of glancing I found an awesome idea to help me organize my plethora (I just like that word) of necklaces:

$4 curtain rod + $4 shower hooks + $4 shower hooks = $12 necklace organizer.

I love it!

And...I might have spent close to an hour looking at Pinterest last night, instead of doing school work, and found more awesome ideas for things...oops.

Friday, November 4, 2011


At school we are learning about heat. They learn that heat can be transfered in three diffe
rent ways:

Conductions - through contact
Radiation - through air
Convection - through mixing/hot and cold cycling

I wanted to do something fun to help them remember these three things. I decided to make popcorn for them. You can make popcorn through each of the ways heat transfers:

Conduction - on the stove
Radiation - in the microwave
Convection - an air popcorn machine

I set each of these up on the table and plugged them all in. I then continue to talk to the class about how these represent each of the three heat transfers.

Touching the microwave "What kind of transfer is used to pop popcorn in the microwave?"

Touching the popcorn machine "What kind is used when popping in the air-pop machine?"
Reaching to touch the hot plate stove "What method is used when...AHHHHHHH!" (a yell/gasp)

Little did I know that the hot plate was left on, so when I plugged it in, it had heated up to the highest setting. It only took that microsecond of touch it to give me a nice 2nd degree burn. I immediately put cold water on it and a student went and got me a bag of ice. I continued with the lesson.

If I do not have the bag of ice on my hand, it burns! Of course it was my right hand, so it will have a few nice blisters that will make it hard to do anything with that hand.

I had to continue teaching through the day. It sure was hard to write anything on the board. I tried doing some with my left hand and eventually figured out I could write pretty good with holding the ice bag and the pen in the same hand. I didn't wa
nt to try and give a huge long math lesson so I gave a shortened version and gave them extra time to work on their assignment. One of my girls came up to me and says "I know this sounds mean, but could burn your hand every day so we can have extra time to do our math homework?" Oh thanks for the sympathy.

So here is my wound:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall Fun

I've had a chance to do a few fun things this fall.

Enjoying fall colors:
I have been up the Provo canyon a number of times to enjoy the beautiful fall colors. This is me, Courtney, and Maren enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Another one was this:
This is Courtney and I being scared to fly in a little 4-seater airplane. Courtney has a friend who is a pilot, owns a plane, and lives in a hangar. He was so nice to take us up for a flight over Bountiful at sunset. It was great. We weren't really scared...at least I wasn't.

Another adventure:
This is Shalene, Heather, Courtney and I getting ready to embark on a halloween voyage down the Provo River. By voyage I mean sitting on benches on a flat boat, being moved down the river by a cheesy guy pulling a rope, listening to "scary stories", looking at hand-carved jack-o-lanterns along the shore and lights in the trees. It was geared toward a younger audience, but it was a fun experience and I enjoyed it with some great ladies.

I love fall and sadly it is quickly leaving. I will sure miss you.

Not Much Updating...Starting Anew

I realized today that I have yet to post anything in the year of 2011. I thought at least one post would be good. Bulleted version of my life over the past year and a half:

  • Taught 6th grade at Westfield Elementary in Alpine, UT
  • Moved into a house with my sister Angela
  • Lost a close friend of mine
  • Gained many new friends
  • Enjoyed a whole summer off (no EFY)
  • Took a trip to California with friends
  • Gained a new niece and nephew
  • Tried to get a job in Arizona with no luck
  • Got a job at Eaglecrest Elementary in Lehi, UT teaching 6th grade
I think those are the most important things.

So where my life is now....I am living in southwest Provo with Angela. I am teaching at Eaglecrest and I love my kiddos. Yes I have had my fair share of drama to deal with and issues to solve, but overal they are awesome kids and soooo much fun! I love going to school every day (most days). It is a nice change. I haven't liked my class this much for a few years.

I will see if my blog stays updated, but no promises...I'll do my best :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Short Update

Where has life brought me in the last few months you ask? Lots of places.

Life was crazy at the end of the school year. Long story short...I quit my job and am returning to school in the fall. The details are still in the works, but the plan is to take courses to get a math endorsement and try my hand at teaching Jr. High math classes. I am feeling good about the decisions and hopefully it all works out. I had a few moments where I realized I won't be at my school next year and won't have a class at all and it brought tears to my eyes. Mt. Loafer Elementary is my teaching home. I did my student teaching there along with my first three years of teaching. It was hard to leave. I also just love having "my kids". I think it is something I need in my life. A group of kids that partially rely on me for knowledge and growth. It will be hard not having that.

We had lots of fun activities at the end of the year and I made sure to enjoy every minute. We had a wonderful graduation program and I sent my kids on their way to conquer Jr. High. I had a bunch of bawling girls and lots of kids ready to get out of there. The last day of school was bitter sweet. I got lots of hugs from my girls along with some "I love you Miss Weathers". I had to talk some boys into giving me a high five (which they have refused to do all year). It was a good end to the year. I actually got a facebook message from a student of mine. I don't add students as friends on facebook for obvious reason, but this girl got on her brothers account, looked me up, and sent me a message. All she pretty much wanted to tell me is that she missed me so much. I love getting notes like that. She has to be one of my favorite students I have ever had. That is if I had favorites :)

The day after school my sister Kim and I headed to Texas. We took two days to travel and I spent a few days there. We went to Six Flags, swam at the pool, shopped, watched movies, ate out, and tried to survive the heat and humidity. There was a really cool lightning storm there the day before I left.

After Texas I flew out to Indiana to visit my sister and her three kids. I have only been here for two days and will be here for 5 more. So far we went to the mall, played outside, watched movies, and had a lemonade stand. It's fun being here to play and help out. The kids are adorable (when they aren't grumpy) and I'm excited for the adventures we will still have.

Next stop is Houston, Texas where my best friend/roommate Samantha gets married. My friends keep doing that on me! I'm way excited for her and I'm excited to get to be there. Another stop in Texas!

I'm enjoying my travels and look forward to a few weeks off when I get home to relax along with finishing moving out of my classroom and possibly moving out of my apartment into the house my sister bought. We shall see if that happens.

Well, there is a short update for any who care. there will be more to come.

Monday, March 29, 2010


A comment I overhead from one of my students today:

"Nothing is impossible. Heavenly Father could rip off both your arms!"


Oh sixth-graders.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Teachers are suppose to teach?

Over the past 6-7 weeks I have had a student teacher in my classroom. Being what is called a "BYU cooperating school" we receive many student teachers, interns, and cohort students from BYU. Last year I had a cohort (a step bellow a student teacher) and this year they decided to give me a student teacher. There are ups and downs to having a student teacher, but the last few weeks have definitely been an up. I spent the first few weeks, modeling for her, helping her plan lessons, observing her teaching, giving her pointers, etc. Then near the end of student teaching (the past few weeks) she is suppose to completely take over the class as though it is her own. They encourage me, the actual teacher, to stay out of the classroom as much as possible. This is for a number of reasons. One is that we just can't help ourselves in there and must manage the students and correct them. They want to student teacher to have to deal with ALL problems that occur in a classroom. Also, from my experience being a student teacher, you can act more yourself and do your own thing when there isn't someone in there watching you. So what have I been doing the past few weeks since I am not in the classroom? Nothing! Okay, not quite nothing. Being in my third year of teaching I have to turn in a "portfolio" in order to receive a level two liscence and continue teaching. This is what I have been doing a lot of the time. I have also graded assignments and project, created a classroom blog, made classroom signs, and wasted perhaps a little too much time doing things not really even related to school at all. The other teacher and I have set up office in a vacant room between our two classrooms. Here is what it looks like:
Ah yes, a wonderful work area. You can see the set of electric pianos in the back that were taken out of the piano lab we use to have here (they are for sale if anyone would like one). So, my portfolio is due at the end of this week and it is just about finished. I however, have a hard time working on it for a long time. I will work on it for a while, then take a break, then go back to it, then take a break, and on and on. Tomorrow I start teaching a few lessons and will be back in the classroom completely by next week. I have sure enjoyed this time away from teaching, but I'll be glad to be back with the students again. Wish me luck!